• Welcome to the Hogar Albergue para Niños Jesús de Nazaret!

    Our mission is to offer a safe home and loving care to children that have been victims of abuse or neglect. We provide for all of their needs, as a loving family does: medical and mental health care, educational and social guidance, recreation, and lots of love. The Hogar

  • Solar Energy for the Hogar

    Last January 15, we launched a project for the installation of a solar energy system at the Hogar. The solar system will allow the Hogar to continue operating without interruption and keep the children safe even when the public electrical grid is down. This project is possible thanks to Dr. James Tinjum and a group of graduate engineering students from the U. of Wisconsin in Madison and sponsored by Engineers Without Borders and the Puerto Rico Relief Fund of SE Wisconsin. Many thanks to all involved!

  • Sponsor a Child from the Hogar

    Our children deserve a safe home, good nutrition, clothes, schooling, healthcare, recreation, and lots of love. Your monthly donation helps heal the wounds of our children who have been victims of abuse. Join our family of sponsors: sign up to be a Padrino or Madrina. Just click on the button below. I want to be a Padrino or Madrina

  • Join Us in Fighting Child Abuse

    April is the month of child abuse prevention. We call on all citizens of the Island to ensure the safety, protection and quality of life of all children in Puerto Rico. To love and protect our children, and report child abuse is everyone's responsibility. We invite you to support our mission! Donate here

  • Violence Against Children: Types of Child Abuse

    Violence is a social problem that causes inequality by impeding a person to live in a social environment conducive to personal and social growth. Violence against children includes physical and mental abuse, abandonment or neglect, exploitation, and sexual abuse. Read More

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The operation of our shelter home for children (the Hogar) is greatly possible thanks to grants and donations from institutions such as United Way, government agencies, civic organizations, merchants and private companies. However, most important is the support of the COMMUNITY, individuals and families that are committed to help El Hogar continue its work and make a difference in the lives of its children.

What can YOU do to help the children of the Hogar?

Prevention of Child Abuse

10 Ways to Say I LOVE YOU to your son or daughter 


For over two decades, the Hogar has been mainly sustained by the financial support of government agencies, private grants and donations, religious and civic organizations, corporations, businesses, and residents of the City of Mayagüez and surrounding towns.


The Hogar Albergue para Niños Jesús de Nazaret has been providing love, services, and a better future to boys and girls who have been victims of abuse or neglect for over twenty years.

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